5e Tweaks

Ok, so we’ve decided we’re playing 5e. That’s fine. I just have a couple of house rules I’d like to introduce:


Instead of choosing a ‘race,’ you select a species. A species gives you a single benefit. Your species does not affect your attributes. The species list is as follows:

  • Human: Resilience- You gain an additional 2 hit points at 1st level, and an additional 1 hit point each level after that.
  • Elf: Elf Ears- You gain advantage on checks related to your sense of hearing.
  • Dwarf: Iron Stomach- You gain advantage on saving throws against disease. You are resistant to poison damage.
  • Halfling: Diminutive. You are Small, and can dart between the legs of larger creatures as a free action. You can hide behind a larger creature, gaining cover as long as they cooperate.
  • Dragonkin: Draconic Heritage- Choose a damage type (Fire, Lightning, Cold, Acid) You gain a breath weapon of the chosen type, and are resistant to damage of the chosen type.
  • Infernal: Ancestral Bargain- You are resistant to Necrotic damage, and have Darkvision.


Next, choose one attribute to gain a +2 bonus to, and another to gain a +1 bonus to. They can be any attribute you choose.


All weapons deal damage based on their size.

You can wield a weapon of the same size as you without any issues.

You can wield a weapon in your off-hand as long as it is at least one size smaller than you.

You can wield a weapon in two hands as long as it is no more than one size larger.

Small weapons deal 1d4 damage.

Medium weapons deal 1d6 damage.

Large weapons deal 1d8 damage.

If your class description states that you can wield ‘martial weapons,’ all weapon damages increase by one die size as long as you wield them.

Weapon Types

Bludgeoning weapons stun on a critical hit. (DC 10 + damage dealt to resist)

Axes deal triple damage on a critical hit.

Swords have expanded critical range and deal critical hits on a 19 or a 20.

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