Glimmer is the currency of the underworld. It is pure, distilled lifeforce. It is similar in appearance to moonstone, but moonstone never shines with an internal light, and moonstone does not vibrate, shift, and wiggle in its own power. A typical specimen is about the size of an adult human thumb, with variations in size and shape

When you would die, you instead lose half of your Glimmer to the void, and then you lose 1d6 additional Glimmer. If you are out of Glimmer, you cease to exist- your corporeal body dissolves and your life force ebbs into the background radiation of the universe. If you still have Glimmer, you may still recover.

You may discover Glimmer by accident, as free Glimmer that forms ‘naturally.’ Or you may wrest it from the beaten and battered bodies of your enemies. You may also trade ‘free’ Glimmer from the other denizens of the underworld that you come across in your travels. It is the only universally accepted currency- metals and trinkets have no inherent value here among the dead. And, lastly, you may discover solidified Glimmer in the form of weapons, armor, and other items of note.

You can spend your own free Glimmer to manifest or enhance items that you wish to carry with you. A mundane sword may become enchanted, or an already-enchanted sword may gain new powers. You can also give the Glimmer to others, for any reason you choose.

You can also absorb your Glimmer to increase your own power. When you reach certain thresholds of Glimmer, you ‘level up’ and increase your abilities and power, sometimes substantially. When you lose Glimmer (by ‘dying,’ for example), your ‘level’ can decrease.

A being or item with little Glimmer appears somehow unstable, translucent, insubstantial- for example, the gutter wretches of Schilla. On the other hand, a being or item with much Glimmer seems unusually solid, sturdy, vigorous, and potent.

What causes Glimmer to solidify and form out of soul-stuff and life energy is one of the great mysteries of the underworld.

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