Wizard Draft 1

Ok so here’s the gist- this wizard has a bunch of spell fragments, if you will, called Secrets. I actually went through an OSR game’s fixed spell list and took all the adjectives and nouns that I thought would be fun and put them in a big list.

When you create a wizard (or level up) you get a couple Secrets. And when you rest, you have a couple of those Secrets ready. You can take any two Ready Secrets and decide that’s a spell. You pay for the spell with your Magic Dice, which give you pseudo-hit points you can spend to fuel the spell. Or you can use your hit points, too, if you want.

So as an example, imagine you’re a Wizard and you have the following secrets: Animating, Cone, Greasing, Pushing.

From those Secrets, you could try and cast:

  • Animating Grease (Maybe a little grease monster?)
  • Pushing Cone (A cone-shaped blast that knocks stuff around?)
  • Greasing Cone (Grease spray, I think that’s an actual spell)
  • Animating Cone (Maybe a bunch of little stuff in a cone comes alive?)
  • Greasing Push (You push on something and it moves as if greased?)

Anyways, I really don’t like writing spell lists, or choosing from discrete spell lists either. Let me just make something up. I’m a wizard, damn it!

To make it a little less random, you always get to choose one Secret to learn and one Secret to make Ready, so that you’re never entirely at the whims of fate. Just mostly. Hey, magic is weird sometimes!

Check out the PNG of the class, soon to be turned into a PDF whenever I get around to it:

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