Arcane Secrets

Imagine that the world as we know it is a book. On it are written the tales of heroes and triumphs and disasters and bloodshed. Just as that book is made of sentences, so too is the world made of things. And just as a sentence is made of words, so too are things made of something else.

Now imagine that we’re talking about the ink on that book. Now we’re talking about magic.

Or so it has been explained to me.

If you’re playing a Wizard, you know some Secrets. You can make your own list, or you can use mine, which I ripped from an OSR source and remixed and mangled.

The basic idea is that you roll on the chart to see what Secrets (spell fragments) you have at hand. You pick two of them, decide what it does, and then go for it.

Here’s the list of everything I’ve got. I’ve been thinking of dividing them into discrete themed lists, but this is your general purpose all-rounder Wizard.

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