Other Good Sites

This is mostly for my own use, to record tools and websites and ideas that I want to return to later.


Perchance is the successor to the orteil generator making tool suite. Lovely, useful, easy.

Dungeonscrawl is a badass online dungeon mapper. Easy to use and visually very appealing.

DnDSpeak is a bunch of random tables. Good for inspiration.

Donjon.bin.sh is a collection of other tools. I especially like the Markov Name Generator, but most of the other generators are super cool, too.


Words to Use is a big list of other words for things. I like the color section, especially.

Wordhippo is probably the best online thesaurus I’ve seen. I know you’re tired of using the same four words for things.

Fontspace is my new favorite site for new typefaces.


Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator is the most fully fledged random area map generator you’ll find. Sometimes it does too much, I find. But it’s customizable and aesthetically pleasant.

RPG Writer Workshop– I just signed up for this like two days ago, idk

Heraldry Artist lets you make heraldric devices for use with coats of arms and the like

Artbreeder claims to use some sort of AI to generate landscapes, portraits, album art, and some other stuff, but I’m pretty sure this is magic.

GameIcons.net is a massive library of icons for pretty much anything you can think of. I know there are others, but I like these quite a bit.


The Black Hack should need no introduction.