Poking away at some stuff in Affinity, as one does on an otherwise dull weekend. Squishing together some ideas I’ve been thinking about, reading about, or tinkering with in my spare time. The thing here is that it’s designed to get up and get going- you roll stats, then you pick a skills bundle (origin), and a class which gives you starting gear and

In combat, it’s standard 1d20+attack versus defense attribute. Damage is usually a d6. Warriors have d8 hit dice, wizards have d4. Armor gives you bonus HP.

Skills are just written down, and you add your proficiency bonus to them. Proficiency bonus is 2 at 1st level, and +1 at 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th levels.

There’s more left to write and a lot more work to do before this is even halfway decent, but still! working title ‘portcullis’ is just a working title based on some clip art i was looking at

my plan is to have something up on itch at some point, since it’s been years and years since i’ve even self-published a pdf

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