Liskites: The Bonefolk

Liskites aren’t undead. They can be killed, injured, and wounded. They are intelligent, have emotions and preferences, and must eat and drink. On the other hand, they have no skin, or eyeballs. Their eye-sockets glow with a faint iridescence, similar to a cat’s eyes, but significantly less so. They bleed a luminescent slime when cut or injured.

They reincarnate after a while, depending on how their body is preserved. If they die more or less intact, they’ll come back within a decade or so. If their body is shattered, scattered, and abused, then it could take as long as a hundred years. Either way, when they come back, they have little more than a vague recollection of what their past life was up to. As they ‘age,’ they reclaim more of their past lives. Usually they remember their most recent past life more easily, but particularly eventful lives can come back stronger than more uninteresting lives.

Though technically immortal, Liskites grow brittle as they age and as they continue in their life, they become susceptible to madness and deformity. After reaching a certain age, Liskites generally set their affairs in order and climb into a nice, accessible storage area and peacefully expire. Liskite tombs tend to be utilitarian and functional, with a sealed door that opens only from the inside, ready to release the Liskite when it’s good and ready. Many tombs have bells (or gongs, or chimes), with mechanisms that ring it from the inside, indicating that its occupant is alive and requires assistance.

Liskites are not born or created. There is a finite number of them in existence, as far as anybody can tell. Due to the unpredictable nature of their reincarnation, there is an ever-shifting number of Liskites in existence at any time.

In game terms, Liskites gain two benefits:

Detachable Limbs: Liskites can detach their arms, legs, or head from their torso and remain in control of it. They do not gain any particularly special sense of where this removed body part is, and if this body part becomes lost, they must replace it with a similar part (involving a short, instinctive attunement ritual).

Breathless: Liskites cannot breathe, even if it would be useful to them, for whatever reason. They do not require oxygen and do not have lungs. (Or any other internal organs, for that matter)

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